Called to an exclusive competition on an offshore oil rig by an eccentric billionaire, the world's best brawlers, and martial artists will compete for lavish prizes and the glory of proving that they are the strongest and most skilled.

In Combo Fighter you will play as one of these fighters competing to become the ultimate champion. You will have your own unique 50-card deck and set of combos to bring against your opponents. Each hit removes cards from your hand and deck and the first to run out of cards is defeated!

Key Points
- Fast, Fun, Arcade style action card-game!
- Learn in 2 minutes and each game plays in 10 minutes.
- Many different fighter match-ups to try and wield against your friends.

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In the city of London, evil is rising. A group of investigators are called to confront the darkness before the city is consumed.

London Dread
is a co-operative game set in Victorian England. Players take on the role of investigators trying to uncover a dark plot.

The game is gritty and thematic, featuring a series of grim events and story lines with a hint of the supernatural.

The game is broken into a series of stories in which players alternately participate in a timed planning phase where various obstacles and plots are uncovered and then an untimed story phase where players resolve the effects of their planning.

The result is a tense and truly cooperative experience where players must work together, communicate well, plan effectively, and use the strengths of their investigators in an attempt to stay a step ahead on the mean streets of the London.

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